How Do You Find Coupon Codes for AliExpress?


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AliExpress gives coupons to registered users who participate in promotional programs. These programs include promotions on AliExpress.com and AliBaba.com, as well as through social media and partner sites. All coupons are limited to one per user unless otherwise stated.

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Individual sellers on AliExpress are free to provide coupons for their stores. These coupons are only valid on items sold by the seller who issues them. They are not general coupons good on any other merchandise on AliExpress. Find these coupons by visiting individual AliExpress stores.

AliExpress reserves the right to cancel coupons at any time, and coupons cannot be used past their expiration dates. The site does not extend coupon validity periods for any reason. Minimum purchase requirements and other coupon stipulations cannot be waived. AliExpress also reserves the right to recover monetary damages from users who abuse the coupon system. Abuse includes creating multiple accounts to fraudulently obtain multiple coupons.

Coupons issued by AliExpress and its sellers are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are not valid on any sites except AliExpress. AliExpress is not responsible for coupons issued by individual sellers. Products on AliExpress are sold by individuals using the shared marketplace, not AliExpress, and the site has no control over these coupons.

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