Do all county workers make the same salary?


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County worker salaries vary based on position, education and years of experience. County workers in the same positions in different counties may have different salaries because different counties have different pay scales.

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Wake County in North Carolina posts its pay scales on WakeGov.com. Each job is classified into a pay band. Band 28 includes business auditor, chemist, human services clinician, park manager and senior executive assistant positions. The 2015 salary range for Band 28 is from $43,500 to $74,000. Employees with jobs in Band 28 have different salaries within that range. For Band 36, which mostly consists of director-level jobs, the annual salary range is from $97,000 to $165,000.

Fauquier County, Virginia, jobs each fall under a pay grade. The pay for a park manager ranges from $45,697 to $73,112 per year. Most director-level jobs pay from $94,993.60 to $151,985.60 a year.

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