Which Country Uses the Livres Currency?

country-uses-livres-currency Credit: DEA Picture Library/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

The livre was a silver coin currency of pre-revolutionary France, according to Emerson Kent. The livre was worth 240 deniers, which was roughly equivalent to the British pound. The larger unit of currency was the louis d'or, named for King Louis XVI. One louis was worth 24 livres.

Dr. Gerard P. Michon explains that the monetary livre was originally introduced in 781 A.D. by Charlemagne, king of the Frankish Kingdom during the Early Middle Ages. This earliest form of the livre is deemed by scholars as the livre parisis, which was eventually superseded by the livre tournois. The term "livre tournois" was shortened to "livre" in 1720, according to Michon. In 1795, the French Revolution brought the livre monetary system to an end.