Which Countries Are Typically Listed As the Best Places to Retire?


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From the standpoint of cost of living, climate and health care, the best countries for North Americans to retire in as of 2015 are Ecuador, Colombia and Panama, reports International Living. Taking a broader perspective, including safety, taxes and the local expatriate community, Portugal, Mexico and Belize are desirable countries for retirement, states the Huffington Post. Considering material well-being and quality of life, the top spots for retirement are Switzerland, Norway and Australia, advises Business Insider.

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Which Countries Are Typically Listed As the Best Places to Retire?
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Ecuador has many qualities to make it attractive to retirees, including a diversity of landscapes, affordable real estate, generous benefits for seniors and an extremely low cost of living, according to International Living. Colombia has a multitude of outdoor activities, a low cost of living and excellent but inexpensive health care systems. Panama has year-round good weather and a special visa for retirees that offers automatic discounts on many facilities.

The city of Algarve, Portugal, offers inexpensive real estate and cost of living, good health care, and a thriving expatriate community, explains the Huffington Post. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a beach resort with beautiful beaches, an international airport and world-class hospitals. Besides its natural beauty and abundance of expatriates, Belize has the advantage of English being widely spoken.

Switzerland has top scores in finances, health and quality of life and also has many refreshing outdoor activities, states Business Insider. Besides ranking highly in material well being, Norway has a universal health care system. Australia's financial stability commends it to retirees, with low inflation, little public debt and a thriving economy.

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