In Which Countries Does Prudential Real Estate Operate?

In Which Countries Does Prudential Real Estate Operate?

Prudential Real Estate operates in the United States, and from its global headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, operates offices in 19 other countries internationally, including major population centers of South America, Europe and Asia. Some of its largest satellite offices are in such countries as Brazil, France and Japan.

The only country in which Prudential operates along the coast of the Caribbean Sea other than the United States is Mexico. Further south, in South America, the global real estate company also operates offices in Brazil and Argentina.

Most of its offices in Europe are in the northwestern section of the continent, where Prudential operates offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Luxembourg. In the southern section of Europe, Prudential operates on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, via offices in Italy and Portugal, respectively. Eastern Europe has only one international partner country; Prudential operates offices in Poland.

In Asia, Prudential operates both on the mainland of the continent as well as the outlying Islands. Its largest international partners on the mainland are China and India, while Hong Kong and South Korea are also amongst its global partners.Offshore, the company additionally has offices open in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Further into the Pacific Ocean, Prudential Real Estate also operates one office in Australia.