Which Countries Offer Overseas Security Jobs?


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Overseas security jobs are available in numerous countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and Syria, as well as other countries with a U.S. military presence. In most cases, the jobs are available through private security contracting firms and not from the countries themselves, as of 2015.

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One common type of overseas security job is acting as an auxiliary support role to military troops within the region, wherein the employees of the security firm perform a variety of tasks as contract members of the armed forces there. The government to which the armed forces belong usually hires the security firm, not the country in which the firm is operating, although a foreign government may form contracts to bolster its own growing military. In both cases, the security agents may perform operations such as participating in combat missions, protecting towns or groups from potential threats and escorting military personnel to different locations.

Another type of overseas security job involves protecting an individual during travel as a body guard or member or a larger protection team. In this case, the person, often a political figure or celebrity, hires the firm to supply protection wherever the person goes, both domestically and overseas. Similarly, some overseas security jobs focus on protecting a piece of property, such as a work of art or prototype for a business. These jobs require the security professional to monitor the item at all times and protect it from theft or damage.

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