What Countries Have Benefited From The Water Project?

Some of the countries in which the nonprofit organization The Water Project conducts operations include Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Haiti, as of 2015. The organization helps communities without access to clean drinking water establish practices and tools to access the natural resources in a sustainable and affordable manner.

The Water Project works with communities in impoverished and underdeveloped regions to obtain healthy drinking water through a sustainable training and funding system. In addition to employing its own teams of volunteers and full-time contractors, it partners with various non-governmental organizations to establish the initial equipment and facilities to access water, then trains the community to be self-sufficient. Rather than simply delivering water to these communities, the nonprofit seeks to establish long-term access to the natural water springs in each area.

This process includes educational projects to help the local citizens understand the importance of the water facilities and how to develop healthy and clean habits to maintain the water sources. The Water Project also helps provide jobs within each country, starting with digging to uncover an underground water source, then the construction of the appropriate facilities to processes it and distribute it to the nearby towns and villages. The organization also maintains a presence in the country after completing the project to offer guidance and assistance to the community so that its members are able to transition into sustainable practices.