What Countries Benefit From the Rice Grains Donated by the Online Freerice Vocabulary Game?


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The Freerice website is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme, which uses the donated rice to support the countries most in need. As there are no restrictions regarding the donation of the rice, it is passed on to whichever country is facing the most chronic hunger problems.

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Some of the countries who have benefited from the Freerice project include Cambodia, Uganda and Nepal. From Janurary 2011 to May 2011, donations were made exclusively to Haiti; almost six billion grains of rice were donated in this time, which is enough to feed 200,000 people two meals a day. In Bhutan, 41,000 children were fed for eight days with the donations made.

Freerice makes the effort to purchase the rice as locally as possible. This not only helps to boost the local economy and cut down transportation costs, but it also ensures that those who need it most have access to food quickly, expediting the process.

Freerice was acquired by the UN World Food Programme in 2009, which works closely with organizations in over 75 countries as the frontline agency in the battle against chronic hunger worldwide. As Freerice is entirely funded by sponsors, 100 percent of the money raised by the site is paid directly to the World Food Programme to feed the hungry in as many countries as possible.

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