What Is a Counter Offer Letter?


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When a company selects a candidate for a job by letter but the job doesn't meet the candidate's salary expectations, the candidate may submit a counter offer letter, which is a means that lets the candidate ask for a better salary without risking the job offer. Writing this letter requires sound preparation and the inclusion of sound facts that make the offer sound appealing to the employer.

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When writing a counter offer letter, the candidate should review the company research done in preparation for the initial interview and should know the standard salary for the job. Then, the candidate should carefully review the offer and understand the company's terms. Next, the candidate should express appreciation for the offer and then ask for clarification to understand the company's reasons behind their offer.

The candidate should then persuasively make a practical counter offer based on facts, industry standards and the value the candidate can bring to the company. The candidate should focus on real needs and facts, offering solutions that work for both the candidate and the company. Monster.com urges caution if the company rejects the counter offer.

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