How Do You Count Money Back?


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Counting money back, a method of making change, is done by counting out loud, starting with the purchase total until the total amount that the customer gave for the purchase is reached. The cashier increases the amount stated out loud as he adds on the amount of change he takes out of the cash drawer.

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To complete a financial transaction, the cashier first accepts the payment from the customer. The cashier sets the money down outside of the area where change is kept. Then the cashier states the total purchase amount. Next the cashier remove coins, starting with the smaller coins, until a whole dollar amount is reached. For example, if the purchase price was $17.76, and the customer handed the cashier a $20.00 bill, the cashier first pulls out four pennies and says, "$17.80" because $17.80 is $17.76 plus four cents. Then, the cashier pulls out two dimes and says, "$18.00."

After a whole dollar amount is reached, the cashier pulls out enough bills to reach the total amount paid, again starting with small bills. Continuing with the above example, the cashier pulls out two dollar bills and says, "$20.00." Then, the cashier gives the customer his change and puts the payment in the drawer with the rest of the money.

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