Does It Cost Money to Transfer a Real Estate Deed?

Whether or not a real estate deed transfer costs money varies from state to state and also depends on if there is a lawyer involved in the process. Lawyer fees in turn vary by firm, and even if a lawyer is not used, the filing fees may still exist depending on state and county laws. As of 2015, there are 37 states that have some sort of fee associated with deed transfers, notes the National Conference of State Legislature.

Even though there are states that do not charge any fees or taxes for transferring deeds, depending on the situation, those fees may not be the only thing that needs addressed. If someone transfers ownership of a property to someone else and there is still a balance on the mortgage, then the person who takes over the deed must look into financing and paying any associated fees prior to the deed transfer being completed, warns Although there is an extra step in a transfer like this, it can also be done without a lawyer because the original owner can simply file a quit claim deed or deed of release. These types of releases take fewer steps and less paperwork.