What Are the Cost Factors When Renting a Trailer House?


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Some of the cost factors included when renting a trailer house include the costs associated with renting a lot, hooking the home up to utilities, continued maintenance and transaction fees. These costs, among others, are many of the fees that go into renting a mobile home that are not included in the listed price of the home, and these could end up causing the renter to spend significantly more than he or she originally planned, as noted by Washington LawHelp.

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Renting a mobile home often seems like an affordable alternative to renting a standard home or apartment. Mobile home rentals tend to be cheap, but it is important to take into account all of the extra fees associated with living in a manufactured trailer home. Because the home is mobile, the price of land is not included in the listed rental fee, which means that renters must also pay monthly fees for a lot in a trailer park.

Furthermore, mobile homes do not come equipped with utilities, such as gas and water. Trailer parks may include gas and water hookups in the lot fee, but renters often have to pay an additional utility fee. Before renting a mobile home that has a cheap listing price, individuals should look into the cost factors, such as the lot and utility pricing in their area, to determine the actual monthly rental cost, as advised by Washington LawHelp.

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