How Cost-Effective Are Prefabricated Metal Homes?


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Pre-fabricated steel-frame homes are generally considered to be cost effective for a variety of reasons, including the fact that steel is a stronger material than wood and that pre-fabricated homes tend to be much cheaper than those built using standard on-site construction techniques, according to Buildingsguide.com. It may be difficult to quantify just how cost effective pre-fabricated steel-frame homes are compared to traditional wood-frame houses, mostly because the price of wood can be subject to dramatic swings, while the price of steel tends to stay relatively stable. This price stability is another factor that tends to contribute to steel-frame homes' cost-effective nature.

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Pre-fabricated home prices tend to vary based on how the homeowner chooses to configure the building, including which amenities the homeowner chooses to include in the building, notes Money Crashers. Because pre-fabricated homes are typically financeable through home or construction loans, they are no more difficult to purchase than a traditional wood-frame house. The fact that homeowners do not necessarily need to buy their pre-fabricated steel-frame house with out-of-pocket funds is a contributing factor to these buildings' cost-effectiveness.

Another factor that makes these buildings particularly cost-effective is the fact that they tend to not require some of the repairs that wood-frame homes do as they age. For example, drywall repair is less common in steel-frame homes because steel beams have fewer flaws than wood studs.

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