What Are Cosmetology Supplies?

cosmetology-supplies Credit: Siri Stafford/Stone/Getty Images

Cosmetology supplies include reusable equipment like hair dryers and brushes, nail clippers and files, makeup brushes and towels and aprons to protect clothing. They also include items that must be replenished frequently, including nail polishes and solutions, hair shampoos and colors, makeup and skincare products.

Cosmetologists need a range of supplies that vary depending on their speciality. Hair stylists require shampoos, conditioners, coloring agents, special hair treatments, relaxers and other chemicals. Nail technicians use polishes and removers, moisturizing treatments, cuticle remover treatments, various skin softeners and components used in artificial nails. Makeup artists need skincare products along with eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lipstick, blushes, foundations and blemish-covering products. Many cosmetologists buy their supplies at stores that are open only to professionals, and they sometimes shop at discount stores and online.

Cosmetologists study and apply skincare and beauty strategies. They must have an extensive knowledge of various beauty products, treatments and techniques. Cosmetologists often specialize in specific areas of beauty, including hair care or nail care. They typically go to school for cosmetology for about a year. Full-time professionals in salons earn an average of $48,000 annually as of 2014. An occupational risk for cosmetologists is prolonged exposure to various chemicals in hair treatments and other products. As of 2014, about 20 percent of hair stylists change professions because of allergies irritated by chemicals used in salons.