What Is a Corrective Action Template?


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A corrective action template is a sample of a corrective action form that is blank or does not have specific information filled in. It dictates the format the completed form should take in order for the company to maintain consistency in its forms.

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Businesses may copy the template or adjust it to suit specific needs and use it as a revised template to serve as the model for that company’s corrective action forms. Using templates as a model for forms encourages everyone to use them in a consistent manner. The template ensures that all important information is captured and included on the form. It also helps management review the forms and focus on particular areas. Analyzing the forms reveals patterns and recurring problems.

Corrective action forms identify problems in a company's processes or employee performance and indicate the actions to be taken to rectify the problems. They are an important quality management tool that helps the company improve weaknesses, measure progress and assess performance.

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