What Are Some Correctional Officer Interview Questions?

Correctional officer interviews often include questions that pertain to the requirements for the job (i.e. prior experience, ability to carry a certain amount of weight, misdemeanor or felony charges). Interview questions for a correctional officer position are similar to those for other government jobs.

In addition to typical interview questions, some other possible questions may include:

  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Typically, felony convictions and Class A and Class B misdemeanors will automatically prevent being hired.
  • Can you use a firearm? Firearm testing is part of the process for being hired for most correctional officer positions.
  • What experience do you have handling emergency situations? A background that includes some type of experience handling a crisis or emergency is necessary in order to be a correctional officer.

There may be many other questions that pertain to background work with counseling, managing individuals and other factors that are part of corrections work.