What Is the Correct Way to Write a Client Letter?


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The correct way to write a client letter is to date it and address it directly to the client, using the person's name in the salutation. The first paragraph introduces the writer or manager to the client, thanks him for his business and describes the purpose of the letter.

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The body of the letter contains any information the client needs to know about the business. Sales letters include information about the client's visit and the sales or goods related to the client's needs. Legal and accounting client letters contain advice or information relevant to the client's legal or financial needs and questions. The letter contains concise language and avoids terms that only the business or industry uses.

The last paragraph of the letter includes the names of people or departments to contact with questions and relevant phone numbers and email addresses. The letter invites the client to return or contact the business at any time or for any reason. The end of the letter includes a signature line with the full name and position of the writer or manager. When printing the letter, professional company letterhead is used. The letterhead contains the name, address and main phone number of the company and usually includes the company logo.

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