What Is the Correct Way to List a Job Description on a Resume?

Most job descriptions are listed by bullet point in chronological order from the most recent job to the last relevant job, states Susan Ireland's Resume Site. It is a good idea to present only jobs that are relevant to the desired position. For example, an applicant might list a previous management position and if currently applying for a management position.

Job descriptions are commonly seen on Chronological resumes, which are best for showing a long work history in relevant fields. Applicants can also list internships and cooperative work projects, such as putting together a published paper, as noted by PostDocJobs.

To organize the list of employment, consider starting with period of employment, job title, company name and location of the job. Underneath this header of information, create a bullet point list detailing the job duties performed, such as data entry, customer point-of-sale or accounting. Another option is to create a story in each bullet point by detailing one accomplishment at this job, one challenge overcome, awards and recognition received or quantifiable benefits that the previous employer gained. These results can be a measured increase in sales or streamlining certain procedures.

When writing job descriptions, try to make them interesting to read. Write a complete sentence and make use of action words that many resume readers look for, like accomplished, author and improved.