What Is the Correct Format for Writing a Resume?


The correct format for a resume can vary according to the applicant's circumstances, work history and career level. Information commonly found on nearly every type of resume includes contact information, experience, education and relevant skills. Optional information includes a career summary and a career or job objective.

The different types of resume formats include chronological, functional and targeted. Chronological resumes are most common, functional resumes are useful for highlighting skills and a combination of the two is best for showing a balance of work history and skills.

The contact information section on a resume is found near the top and typically lists the applicant's name, address, phone number and email address. The experience section includes companies the applicant has worked for, dates of employment, positions held and responsibilities. The education section usually lists schools attended, degrees held and special awards and recognitions received while in school. Any skills listed on a resume should pertain to the specific position the applicant seeks.

The objective section of a resume is an opportunity for the applicant to state why he is an ideal candidate for the position and his overall career goals. An applicant should personalize this section every time he applies for a new position.