What Is the Correct Format for a Business Memo?


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Business memos follow a set format that includes a heading section and a message section. A memo always includes headings to identify the recipients, the sender, the date and the subject. These headings should appear as "to," "from," "date" and "subject." Type each heading on a separate line, flush left, in all capital letters, followed by a colon, a tabbed space and the appropriate information.

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What Is the Correct Format for a Business Memo?
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The subject should be specific enough to convey the purpose of the memo. Often, the word "memorandum" appears at the top of the page above the headings, either with a capital M or in all capital letters and either centered or flush left. Below the heading section, type the message in paragraph form, putting the most important information first. Memos are usually only one page. The writing should be clear and concise with short paragraphs. For longer memos, subject headings or lists with bullets or numbers may make it easier for the reader to grasp the main points. There is no closing and signature on a memo as there is on a letter.

Memos are usually internal business communication sent instead of a letter, but they may be used to communicate with people in other companies. Memos typically make announcements, provide updates, report on activities, convey employee information or address a problem.

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