What Are Some Facts About Do It Best Corporation?


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Do it Best Corporation, as stated on the company's corporate facts page, has been in business since 1945 and had $2.87 billion in sales for its latest fiscal year as of 2015. The company is the only member owned hardware, lumber, and building material company based in the United States, with 3,800 located in the U.S. and 53 other countries.

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The company started under the name of Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. before it changed to the Do it Best company name, according to the company website. The company employees a large number of full-time people to serve the public. The number of employees is approximately 1,400 during the 2014 fiscal year. This number can increase and decrease depending on buying and employment trends.

Do it Best is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the company gave its members more than $115 million in rebates, notes the company website. The Do it Best Corporation's mission statement is "Making the best even better," and the philosophy statement clearly shows how the company plants to fulfill that mission statement by saying, "Serving others as we would like to be served." The company has a large board of directors and executive staff to run its various departments and functions of the business.

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