What Are Corporate Bond Quotes?


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A corporate bond quote is a statement of the price at which a corporate bond is currently trading, as Investopedia notes. The quote generally takes the form of a percentage of the bond's par value, which is its value on a 100-point scale with 100 equivalent to par. A bond that is trading above par has a bond quote of more than 100, and a bond trading below par has a quote lower than 100.

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Corporate bond quotes are broken down into one-eighth increments, as opposed to municipal or other government bonds, where the quotes are typically expressed in 1/32nd increments, according to Investopedia.

Average investors typically don't request bond quotes, so they often have a difficult time obtaining them, since they're primarily available though high-level investment tools. Investors with brokerage accounts may be able to obtain them through their brokerages. Some online tools provide some information on corporate bond quotes, making it possible for investors to search for specific bonds or browse for corporate bonds that meet their investment needs. However, these sources may omit crucial information, including the bid-ask spread of the bonds or the volume of corporate bonds being traded. As a result, determining the actual value of the bonds in question may be difficult, as Investopedia points out.

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