What Does a Corporate Banker Do?

What Does a Corporate Banker Do?

A corporate banker handles corporate customers, such as local businesses, large conglomerates and national offices. He provides them with loans, equipment leasing and commercial real estate. In most cases, corporate banking represents a bank's main way to make money as well as the main source of write-downs for sourced loans.

Corporate bankers specialize in offering credit products, such as loans, which are sources of simultaneous profit and risk for the bank. A corporate customer who needs to control his currency conversion requirements and working capital consults a corporate banker for cash-management and treasury services.

Equipment lending is another area in which corporate bankers specialize. This type of lending deals with the leasing and loaning of equipment that a business needs to operate at peak efficiency. Business owners in the manufacturing, information technology and transportation sectors frequently use this banking service.

A business owner in need of real estate for his business works with a corporate banker for portfolio evaluation, debt and equity structuring, and real asset analysis. Additional services that corporate bankers provide include securities underwriting, bill collection, factoring and employer services such as payroll and group retirement plans.

Corporate bankers help to ensure a thriving economy where businesses can grow and offer jobs.