How Do You Find a Copy of the Current Year's Federal Tax Handbook?

There are various tax guides available, including the Internal Revenue Service's own tax guide and the RIA Federal Tax Handbook, published by Thomson Reuters. Many outlets sell the RIA Federal Tax Handbook, including and Thomson Reuters' own online store. The IRS guides and instructions are available free at

The IRS provides a PDF version of its own tax guide for individuals, called Publication 17, under the Forms and Publications section of its website. The guide explains general rules for filing federal income tax returns, with detailed instructions on many specific topics, such as new tax rules, tip income, dividends and capital gains.

The RIA Federal Tax Handbook, published each year to account for tax changes, aims to provide the premiere source of federal tax information in the United States, covering not only tax rules, but also tax problems, new regulations and rulings, and filing procedures, explains the National Bookkeepers Association. The Research Institute of America and publisher Thomson Reuters work together to create the handbook and include detailed sections on which of the many variant tax forms taxpayers should use. The 2016 edition of the handbook cost $100 from Thomson Reuters own website, as of 2015.

Other sellers also offer the RIA Federal Tax Handbooks, including used editions for previous tax years. offers older editions from individual sellers, with most of them selling for much lower prices than the current year's edition.