How Do You Get a Copy of Your Benefit Statement From the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) mails a copy of worker's benefit statements to them every 5 years starting at age 25 and every year to those who reach the age of 60, and it also makes a copy of the statement available to those who request it, as stated by FindLaw. The SSA makes it possible for workers to request or view their statement online and via the phone.

Use the following steps to get a copy of the SSA benefits statement.

  1. View the benefits statement online
  2. Visit the Social Security website. Click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner. At this point, new users must create an account, or existing users can simply enter their log in information, as stated by the SSA website. Once in the account, look for "Benefits Statement" and click on it to view an electronic version of the statement mailed to workers.

  3. Print out a statement request
  4. Log into the SSA website again. Look for the "Social Security statement request form," which will be a PDF document. Download the document, print it out and fill it in. Submit the statement request form to the Wilkes Barre Data Operations Center in Pennsylvania.

  5. Call and request the statement
  6. Workers can also call into the SSA and request a copy of their benefits statement over the phone. Just call the number, (800) 772-1213, and provide the requested information.