What Are Some Cool Wine Jobs?

What Are Some Cool Wine Jobs?

Some examples of cool wine jobs are vintner, cooper, sommelier, wine club manager or owner, wine tour guide, cellar manager, wine technician, vineyard owner or worker, tasting room host, wine shop owner and wine bottle packager. The wine industry provides interesting job opportunities from growing the grapes to pouring the wine.

A vintner, also known as a winemaker, is in charge of the entire winemaking process. The position is very flexible because a vintner is involved in the winemaking process from start to finish. The vintner usually feels comfortable working in any position at any vineyard.

A cooper is a person who builds wine barrels. This career requires in-depth knowledge of wood and a craftsman's mastery in woodwork, because the quality of wine largely depends on how it ages in the barrel.

A sommelier, a French word meaning wine waiter, is the person at a restaurant in charge of pairing wines with foods. An upscale restaurant often employs a sommelier to help create the menu and recommend wine pairings to patrons for their meals and desserts.

Wine technicians fix winemaking machinery such as electric motors, pumps, compressors and belt drives. This vocation is especially needed at wine companies that produce and distribute wine in large quantities. Wine companies contract packagers to design wine bottles and labels to ensure their brands stand out on store shelves.