What Are Some Cooking Careers?

What Are Some Cooking Careers?

Some cooking careers are executive chef, sous chef, pastry chef, short-order cook and restauranteur. Cooks may have specialized careers preparing a certain cuisine such as Italian or Japanese. They may work in restaurants, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, at health spas and on cruise ships.

The executive chef and the sous chef manage the kitchen in a fine restaurant. The executive chef has the highest rank; the sous chef works under him. Both oversee the work of the kitchen staff, plan menus, order supplies and ensure the quality of the food. They need to know every aspect of cooking and kitchen operations so they can pitch in when necessary.

The pastry chef bakes breads, cakes, pies and pastries. Decorating cakes and pastries is also part of the job. Many pastry chefs work early hours in bakeries, though some work in restaurants preparing dinner desserts.

Short-order cooks do the cooking in casual restaurants and fast-food eateries. Unlike chefs, short-order cooks do not usually get culinary arts degrees. Many short-order cooks receive on-the-job training, though some may get an associate degree in food service.

The restauranteur usually operates his own restaurant, getting supplies, managing staff, designing the menu and doing much of the cooking. Other responsibilities include promoting the business, doing the books and keeping customers happy.