How Do You Convince Early Adopters to Use Your Product?


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Companies can convince early adopters to use a product by showing them that it provides a competitive edge, offering them high-profile visibility, opening up a dialogue between inventor and user, as well as detailing the benefits of owning the product. Sellers must explain how both the visibility and usefulness of the product can help buyers excel at work and earn promotions.

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Depending on the buyer and the product, the seller can demonstrate to the buyer that this product provides the competitive edge required to dominate the buyer's industry. Sellers can convince buyers that both inside and outside of work, the visibility of being one of the first to have a trendy new product can improve a buyer's self-image.

Many buyers are also excited about the idea of having an ongoing dialogue with the seller that allows them to offer specific feedback that shapes later iterations of the product. Similarly, sellers can promote the idea that buyers have ownership of the product, both in terms of investment and providing ideas and feedback. Most buyers are also motivated by the idea of having fun at work and throughout the process, so incorporating this aspect helps to promote early adoption and use of the product.

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