How Do You Convert Indian Lakhs to Dollars?

To convert Indian lakhs to dollars, multiply the number of lakhs by 100,000 to get the number of rupees, and then divide that number by the current exchange rate of Indian rupees to Unites States dollars. As of May 2015, 1 USD is equal to about 64 Indian rupees, according to Dollars 2 Rupees.

A lakh is a number that means 100,000 rupees. For example, if someone has 8 lakhs, that's the same as 800,000 rupees. Rupee to USD exchange rates change daily, but they typically hover around 64 rupees to 1 USD, according to Dollars 2 Rupees. So, 800,000 divided by 64 is 12,500, which means someone with 8 lakhs has about $12,500.