How Do You Convert 500 Kilometers to Miles?

How Do You Convert 500 Kilometers to Miles?

To convert 500 kilometers to miles, you must find the relationship between the two units and calculate the change. Converting between kilometers and miles requires a simple calculator and a conversion table. To avoid determining the formula from a conversion table, use a preset conversion calculator.

  1. Find the relationship between kilometers and miles

    Use a conversion table to find either the number of kilometers in a mile or the number of miles in a kilometer. For example, one mile contains 1.6 kilometers, and one kilometer contains .062 miles.

  2. Determine the formula

    Using either the miles-per-kilometer measurement or the kilometers-per-mile measurement, either multiply by or divide by 500 kilometers in order to cancel out the kilometer unit. Only the mile unit should remain. For example, multiply the kilometers by 0.62 miles per kilometer, and cancel out the kilometer units in both the numerator and the denominator of the formula.

  3. Plug the 500 kilometers into the formula

    To complete the conversion, plug 500 kilometers into the appropriate part of the equation. Multiplying 500 kilometers by 0.62 miles per kilometer results in 310.69 miles. If you're using the other formula, divide 500 kilometers by 1.6 kilometers per mile, and you'll have the same result.