How Do You Convert 1000 Yen to US Dollars?

convert-1000-yen-dollars Credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images

Yen, the currency used in Japan, is significantly less valuable than the currency used in the U.S. To convert 1,000 yen to US dollars, you'll need to know the exchange rate between the two forms of currency and perform basic calculations.

  1. Look for a reputable online news outlets for financial indicators

    There are many currency converters and currency conversion websites. Each website has its own conversion rates to allow for, such as profit. Find a reputable currency conversion website that reports raw news. Stock exchanges and financial news outlets, such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Yahoo News, provide good financial indicators that include foreign exchange rates.

  2. Find the exchange rate, and rearrange it into a suitable format if necessary

    A currency conversion table is often arranged in terms of currency pairs, such as dollar/yen or dollar/euro pair. In order to determine the dollar yield of 1,000 yen, first find out how many dollars 1 yen yields. The yen/dollar pair gives this information. If the pair is presented as dollar/yen, just divide 1 by the dollar/yen rate to get the yen/dollar rate.

  3. Multiply the yen/dollar rate by 1,000

    The yen/dollar rate gives the rate of conversion for 1 yen to the dollar. To find out how many dollars 1,000 yen yields, multiply the yen/dollar rate by 1,000.