How Do You Find Contractors' Contract Forms Online?

How Do You Find Contractors' Contract Forms Online?

Contractors can find generic contract forms through form template providers for free or paid download, according to Biztree. These forms are usually available as a PDF document and provide basic language outlining the agreement and blank spaces to fill in the details between contractor and customer.

Building contractors can find blank contracts specific to this type of work and other related forms, according to AllLaw. This site makes most of their forms available for a flat fee 1-year subscription.

  1. Go to AllLaw
  2. Visit the AllLaw website. Click on the "Legal Forms" tab at the top of the page.

  3. Locate the contractor forms
  4. Scroll down to the "Construction Forms" link. Click on it to go to the page with AllLaw's free construction forms.

  5. Select the contractor agreement
  6. Look for the "Contractor Agreement" link in the list of available forms. Click on it to go to the page with all available contract agreements.

  7. Modify the template
  8. Click on the desired contractor agreement. On the next page, modify the contract as desired. For instance, click on the radio button next to the section of the contract stating whether payments will be made upfront, or in hourly or fixed payments.

  9. Pay for the subscription and print
  10. Click on "print" and a new window will pop up. Click on "Buy Now" and fill in the requested credit card information. Download and print out the contractor agreement.