How Do You Get a Contractor's License?


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To obtain a contractor's license, determine what license applies to the job that you want to do, then sign up for and pass the state exam. You can then apply for a contractor’s license.

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  1. Determine the correct license classification

    Contact the contractors licensing board of your state to find out what license applies to your specific kind of work. Write down the name and code for the license.

  2. Sign up for the state exam

    Schedule an exam date with the licensing board for your state. You are required to take a business, trade and law exam. Find out the next available exam date, and sign up for it to fast-track the process.

  3. Attend a seminar

    Attend a seminar that provides a course designed to prepare you for the state exam.

  4. Take the state exam

    Take and pass the state exam before applying for a contractor’s license. Ask for same-day scoring to fast-track the process.

  5. Apply for a contractor's license

    Apply for a contractor’s license within one year of passing the state exam, as the exam scores are valid for a period of one year in most states. Fill out all required licensing paperwork, or consult a professional to help you with the process.

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