What Is a Contractor License Number?

A contractor license number is an identifier issued by the Contractors State License Board in California, which monitors and regulates the construction industry within the state. The number proves that the contractor has the appropriate training and experience to complete the designated tasks, and allows consumers to check if the contractor is in good standing with the board.

The Contractors State License Board was established in 1929 to monitor the activities of the growing construction industry within the state and to protect consumers from individuals or companies attempting to perform work without the proper experience. As of 2015, the board monitors nearly 300,000 licenses in dozens of construction and related fields to ensure the highest levels of knowledge and honesty amongst workers. It maintains a thorough application process that requires workers to provide proof of completion of the appropriate apprenticeship programs and knowledge of the trade to meet all state and federal laws.

Once a contractor receives a license number from the board, any consumer is able to search that number on its website, CSLB.ca.gov, to find out if there are any past or current complaints filled with the board against the contractor. It also allows the consumer to verify any claims about skills or certification the contractor makes, as well as ensure that the contractor is actually licensed to work in that field.