What Are the Contents of Some Employee Warning Sheets?

Employee warning sheets, forms and notices typically contain sections to record the names of both the employee and supervisor participating in the action, an area for the supervisor to write in the reason the employee is receiving the warning, and a list of the consequences of the infraction. Depending on the nature of the form, it may also include details about other company policies and potential future consequences.

An employee warning sheet is an official business document that informs the employee about the detrimental effects of her behavior on her current employment state. Some companies may offer a generic form that allows managers or human resources agents to customize it for each instance, while others might create a series of forms to use in specific circumstances or at certain stages in the employee disciplinary process. In either case, the forms always include a title explaining its purpose and a general record-keeping section for the names of all relevant parties, along with the date of the warning issuance.

The body of the form typically begins with an area that explains why the employee is receiving the warning, such as for excessive tardiness or participating in an altercation with a coworker. The form can cite or reference sections of the company's code of conduct or other relevant rules here. The remainder of the form outlines any action taken against the employee, such as loss of privileges or training requirements. It also states what happens to the employee if she receives another warning and how to avoid that outcome.