What Content Goes in General Training Manuals?


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General training manuals typically contain instructions on how to perform basic actions related to the job, such as using common equipment, following standard procedures and tracking billable hours. Most companies use specific, custom training manuals that describe the exact nature of the position to make them as effective as possible in teaching new employees.

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A training manual allows a business to collect multiple instructional documents and present them to new employees to help teach the methods and actions typical of the position. This is often done in conjunction with direst instruction and on-site training. These manuals typically begin with policies and procedures that are applicable to all employees, such as how to clock in and out for hourly workers, the process for submitting a request for time off and how to use any shared resources, such as a copy machine. The manuals then proceed to specific instructions related to tasks for an individual job. Additionally, some companies may feature manuals that apply to larger groups of employees within a certain department.

Instructional manuals in the workplace may contain illustrations or images that represent actual aspects of the position for which it's training, such as showing the register display for a cashier job or the ticketing program for a customer service position. General training manuals often only cover the basic operational procedures for equipment, rather that delving into extensive detail on the exact methods for all possible actions.

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