What Is Contained in a Reimbursement Request Letter?

A reimbursement request letter can be relatively simple, containing only a statement of purchase for a specified purpose with a request for prompt reimbursement, or more complicated, with specific details, depending on the company doing the reimbursing. For example, employees may need to justify all expenses.

A simple reimbursement request letter indicates previous discussion of reimbursement by phrases such as "As you requested," states the item or service purchased and the reason the purchase was needed. It also explains the need for reimbursement through a statement such as "Because I purchased the item on my credit card, please reimburse as soon as possible in the amount of $XX."

Many organizations have reimbursement request forms that conform to their policies. Information needed in such letters often includes a payroll or employee identification number and other employee information, including contact information. Writers should include the date or dates they incurred the expenses and a brief but detailed overview of each expense. For example, someone requesting mileage reimbursement should explain the reason for the mileage, such as attending a workshop, its name, place, time and the mileage numbers.

Reimbursement request letters should always include supporting documents, such as mileage logs or receipts. If someone is not sure whether an item is eligible for reimbursement, she should ask before purchasing it.