How Do You Contact Zynga Support?


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Contact Zynga support by clicking on the appropriate link within the options of the game with which you need help, usually in a Help menu or located below the actual game frame, as of 2015. Alternately, reach out to Zynga on one of its official social media support accounts.

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The most reliable way to contact Zynga support is to locate the support option within the game in question. Most games, including "FarmVille," "CastleVille" and "Zynga Poker," feature a Help tab in the main navigation section, under which is an option to send a message to the support team. Using this option automatically captures information about the game you are playing as well as details about your account ID and the browser in which you are playing. This information aids the support team in diagnosing the issue. The option also allows you to type a custom message describing your issue.

On its website, Zynga operates a general support page that includes links to support information about each game. You can submit support requests from these pages, though you need to enter in your information manually. You can also contact Zynga support via its support Twitter and Facebook accounts. Either site includes inherent limitations that make it difficult to collect information and keep track of conversations.

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