How Do You Contact Time Magazine Customer Service?

Contact Time Magazine customer service by calling 800-843-8463. If you are calling about the digital edition of the magazine, call 866-784-9818. Other contact options include visiting the website at, using the live chat option or sending an email to the company.

From the website home page, click on the Customer Service link at the bottom portion of the page, and then click on Contact Customer Service under the Other Services heading. Click on the Live Help Available button to chat with a customer service representative online. Complete the online form, and click the Send Email button to correspond by email.

The online contact form includes boxes for contact information, followed by options for subscription type. Once the customer selects a subscription type, various problems associated with that type appear. Additional questions or boxes for entering comments appear once the user chooses an issue.

For customers who want an immediate response, the TIME customer service page includes a live chat option. Subscribers also have the option of creating online accounts to manage many customer services issues.