How Do You Contact Net10 Customer Service?

Net10 customer service can be reached three different ways for existing customers who have questions or concerns about their service. There are three different toll-free numbers for customers based on the type of phone service. There is also a mailing address and email submission form on the Net10 website for customers who want to email an inquiry.

In order to contact customer and get questions answered efficiently, customers should include their phone serial number and Net10 phone number. Net10 currently serves customers with wireless phones of the Net10 brand, customers who use the Net10 service with their own phones and customers who want home phone service through Net10.

There are no monthly bills or binding contracts when using this service. Users simply add more minutes to their Net10 account or pay a monthly fee for unlimited use. The monthly fee is not a contract and users can choose to stop paying the monthly fee at any time and return to airtime minutes or discontinue the service.

Net10 is part of the Tracfone brand, so the service provides networks, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, as the providers for wireless service. The newer models of phones have cameras, texting capabilities and long-distance calling plans.