How Do You Contact Molina Healthcare of California?

How Do You Contact Molina Healthcare of California?

Molina Healthcare of California can be contacted by telephone, email or social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ through their "Contact Us" page on the Molina Healthcare website. The quickest way to contact the company is to call the telephone number (866)449-6848, suggests Molina Healthcare.

Use the following steps to contact Molina Healthcare of California.

  1. Go to the Molina Healthcare website
  2. Open up the Molina Healthcare website in a working web browser.

  3. Click on the "About Molina" tab in the top menu of the page
  4. There is a menu across the top of the page. Click on the "About Molina" tab on the far right of the menu.

  5. Click on the "Contact Us" link under the "Company Information" heading
  6. On the current page, there are two text boxes with the headings "Why Molina" and "Company Information." Click on the "Contact Us" link that is located under the "Company Information" section.

  7. Dial the phone number, or contact the company through email or social media sites
  8. If a user needs assistance, they can call the posted telephone number, suggests the Molina website. To contact the company through email, click on the envelope picture on the top-right of the screen. Finally, to contact the company through social media sites, hover over the link picture to the right of the envelope and click on any of the social media site links.