How Do You Contact Lawyers Via ACLU?


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You can contact lawyers through the American Civil Liberties Union by finding and communicating with the local ACLU office in your state. The ACLU has offices in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Some states have several regional offices. Each office handles civil rights and civil liberties cases that originate within its jurisdiction.

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To locate the ACLU office that has jurisdiction over your area, go to the ACLU.org main page, scroll down, click on Contact at the bottom of the page, and click on Request Legal Assistance/Find Your Local ACLU Affiliate. Click on the state or region where you live on the interactive map, or enter the name of your state into the search engine. Follow the instructions on the affiliate office website to contact its lawyers. For instance, if you live in southern California, the ACLU office in Los Angeles instructs you to contact it using an online form, by phone or by postal mail.

The ACLU generally becomes involved in cases that impact the civil rights or civil liberties of a large group of people. It does not take cases concerning workers' benefits, compensation or discharge. It also takes very few criminal cases. Due to limited personnel and the amount of requests for legal aid it receives, it is unable to handle all the requests that meet its guidelines and is unable to offer legal advice for cases it does not accept.

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