How Do You Contact Kaiser Permanente in California?


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As of September 2015, Kaiser Permanente has dedicated customer service telephone hotlines for its California customers. The company offers dedicated hotlines for Medicare customers, English speakers, Spanish speakers and speakers of various Chinese dialects. While it provides alternate contact methods, they are available only to members who sign in to their online accounts on Kaiser Permanente's website. The Member Assistance section of the website contains self-service tools and resources for many common questions and tasks, according to the company's website.

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As of September 2015, customers who wish to file complaint involving the quality of care or services received as well as those who wish to appeal a coverage denial can use the Submit a Complaint form on Kaiser Permanente's website to do so. Customers who require medical service can use the service locator tool on Kaiser Permanente's website to find doctors and facilities for routine, urgent and emergency care. This tool provides customers with contact information, addresses and directions for these resources, as the company's website indicates.

Kaiser Permanente is a combined health insurance and health care provider. The company operates its own medical facilities and employs its own doctors to provide service to customers of its health insurance plan. The company offers plans for organizations, individuals, businesses and other employers, and Medicare, according to its website.

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