How Do You Contact the IRS for Tax Help?

Taxpayers can visit local Taxpayer Assistance Centers when they need face-to-face help with tax issues, reports the IRS. They can also phone the IRS to ask tax questions or listen to prerecorded messages on specific tax topics. has numerous calculators and other applications to assist people with tax preparation.

To locate a nearby Taxpayer Assistance Center, a taxpayer can click on an interactive map or list of states and then enter his ZIP code in the office locator on Some assistance centers schedule appointments, but most function on a first-come, first-served basis, and taxpayers sometimes face long waits for service. When requesting help at an assistance center, a taxpayer may need to provide proof of identity, such as his Social Security Number and photo ID. The centers offer general assistance, answer questions and provide payment plans, but they do not help taxpayers prepare their tax returns. Taxpayers can receive assistance in preparing their returns through Tax Counseling for the Elderly or Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs.

Phone numbers for discussing individual or business tax issues or for prerecorded information are available on The website also has Free File and Free File Fillable Forms programs that simplify electronic tax filing for eligible taxpayers. The site also offers a withholding calculator, an alternative minimum tax assistant and a sales tax deduction calculator.