How Do You Contact a Credit Bureau?

How Do You Contact a Credit Bureau?

The three credit bureaus can be contacted via mail, email and telephone. They each have different phone numbers, mailing addresses and online contact procedures for the various services they offer. The websites for the credit bureaus are, and

  1. Choose which credit bureau you want to contact

    Depending on which service you need, you may want to contact just one or all three credit bureaus. For a credit report, one agency may do. To dispute inaccuracies or report fraud, it is more likely you need to contact all three.

  2. Find the right department

    The various departments in each bureau handle ordering credit reports, credit disputes, credit monitoring, fraud reporting and other services.

  3. Decide what method you want to use to contact them

    For credit disputes and fraud alerts, online and telephone contact are the quickest and most easily tracked methods. Getting a credit report is quickest online, and you can get a hard copy of the report for your records.