How Do You Contact a Company's Corporate Officers?


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Contacting a corporate headquarters involves finding out information on who to call and how to best approach that person. By letting corporate employees know that you want to specifically contact corporate supervisors, you avoid being screened as someone requesting general information.

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The company's website can be a valuable resource for contact information. Look for text stating "Contact" or "About Us" either in the main navigational menu or in the small text at the bottom of the page. If the information is not available on the website, try an Internet phone book such as Switchboard. Printed materials from the company may also contain this information.

When emailing the corporation, be sure to specifically address someone such as an executive secretary or vice president. Also ask for a specific person when calling; extension numbers can be especially effective. If you do not have a specific individual's contact information, be direct in asking which position you would like to speak to, such as "the person who supervises [blank] in [your location]."

If possible, when all else fails, attempt to visit the headquarters in person, as it is much harder to reroute someone who has taken the time to visit the headquarters in person.

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