What Are the Consumer Report's Top Picks for Auto Insurance Providers?

consumer-report-s-top-picks-auto-insurance-providers Credit: glegorly/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

In its published review of October 2010, Consumer Reports rated Amica, Auto-Owners, NJM and USAA among the top tier of auto insurance providers. These four companies scored 92 percent out of 100 in overall customer satisfaction. The full report includes ratings for 22 major insurers that handle auto claims.

Consumer Reports ratings of top auto insurers are derived from the data of over 20,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. Consumer Reports suggests that periodic rate comparisons of several auto insurers is a good way to save money. The company's research shows that a majority of consumers stick with the same auto insurer for 10 years or more. It also found that loyalty to one auto insurer is usually due to longevity benefits provided by the insurer. Regardless, consumers who do venture into rate comparisons may find a better deal.

In addition to the Consumer Report guide, consumers can check auto insurance company ratings by visiting the state insurance department website, or various online insurance comparison sites. Claim handling is another area in which some insurers, including Amica, NJM and USAA, scored highly among Consumer Report subscribers. Over 60,000 surveyed subscribers gave these companies a 90 percent approval rating in claim processing. Consumer Reports also recommends periodically reviewing insurance coverage options to reduce monetary risks when accidents occur.