What Are Some Consumer Credit Counseling Services?


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One of the biggest consumer credit counseling services is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, according to Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management. American Consumer Credit Counseling is another large credit counseling organization.

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Many consumer credit counseling agencies are local, such as Guidewell Financial Services, which serves Delaware and Maryland. These organizations can often be found through the NFCC, according to Springboard. Organizations that are members of the NFCC usually identify themselves using the acronym CCCS, which stands for Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

There are also for-profit credit counseling services, but these are often not as trustworthy as nonprofits, reports the Federal Trade Commission. However, some nonprofits can be untrustworthy as well. It is best to check out a potential counseling service with consumer protection agencies or the state's Attorney General prior to using its services. People should also ask plenty of questions and make sure they read any contracts thoroughly before signing.

In addition to dedicated counseling services, other organizations may also provide credit counseling, according to the FTC. College students may be able to receive credit counseling through their universities, and credit unions may provide these services to their members. Current and former military personnel can often get credit counseling through services on their bases. Branches of the U.S. Cooperative Extension and local housing authorities are other places to check.

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