What Does a Consultant Do?


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A business consultant performs an analysis of issues or problems facing a business client, comes up with workable solutions for these issues and advises clients on how to proceed. Consultants usually specialize in a particular field of expertise and are hired to share their knowledge with clients.

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Many companies bring in a consultant to provide guidance that members of the organization lack. Usually, consultants provide expert advice within a certain industry. For example, a company may require a consultant when opening an overseas location to ensure it complies with local customs and laws. Sometimes business consultants are hired to help struggling companies improve their performance. In these scenarios, a consultant analyzes the company's operations and marketing strategies and recommends changes that may turn the company around. Consultants are outside observers who offer an objective opinion about company systems.

The specific job duties of a consultant varies according to the assignment. Consultants may work with one department or the entire business. Consultants may be hired to perform a specific task, such as updating a company's software or training a sales force. The end goal of a consultant is to always achieve a positive outcome for the client. Consultants typically have a college degree in some aspect of business administration.

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