What Do Construction Workers Do?

Construction workers, also called construction laborers, perform the physical tasks associated with completing heavy highway and infrastructure projects, including mixing and pouring concrete, using hammers, drilling, laying asphalt and more. Construction workers use hand and power tools and may help with site preparation. They perform tasks to help specialists such as carpenters, draftsmen, roofers and other experts, say experts at America's Job Exchange.

Construction workers perform a range of physical work required for construction projects. Digging, paving and preparing surfaces are part of the job. Construction workers also clean debris or other substances from site areas prior to a project's start, then clean up residual debris after project completion. Workers often load materials onto trucks to bring to project sites, then unload and prepare materials for use. They employ safe handling techniques to minimize the risk of spills and accidents, but assist with clean-ups when necessary.

In addition to performing physical tasks, construction workers demonstrate core competency in several areas, say experts at the Society for Human Resource Management. They show good communication skills, work well with team members, have positive interactions with clients and customers and maintain their ability to work under stress and pressure. Construction workers are also in good physical condition and adapt to adverse work environments, including hot and cold weather, loud machinery and toxic chemicals.